Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Thoughts of Creativity in the Classroom

Learning a specific skill set doesn’t have the value in today’s world that it once did. Learning how to be more creative and more hands on is what prepares students for life beyond the classroom. I think it is great that other schools and businesses throughout the world are latching onto this idea. Academia has started to embrace providing courses in creativity and that is great ! Creativity is no longer seen as just being for artists and musicians. It’s a crucial skill for everybody to master. Introducing more creativity into your classroom and assignments doesn’t have to make your job harder. It can actually make it a lot more interesting. Having to go home to a stack of dull papers to grade was never anyone’s favorite part of teaching. Giving assignments that require more creativity will likely result in more engaging work for your students, and a more entertaining grading process for you.

Timing in Teaching w/ Me

Well...depending on what grades you teach, some grade levels will be a little different then others
because of the attention span etc. So having a set schedule to me helps out a lot in your classroom and
is easier to stay on track. In the mornings when the students are arriving to class I will have them
either take out there agendas on look on our agenda board. During our time together they will be introduced to Reading Workshops, during this time, I conference with individual students, and work with a small group for 20 minutes each day. After the workshops for 15 mins I will have them have an independently work study working on their phonics most likely. Workstations - we do 2 rotations each day. Kiddos who are not working with me, the ESL teacher, or our Instructional Aide may choose a task for their workstation. In between times we will be working on vocabulary, handwriting, and taking our restroom breaks. By the time you look up it will bee time to go if you are not able to talk about all of your lessons in the day a lay over isn't bad but if its constant that means a new agenda needs to be made and revised. Our kids are the future !

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Going To School

Going to school you meet new friends. Going to school you will have loads of homework. Going to school you meet some teachers that will end up like family. Going to school you go out to eat more than cooking. Going to school you are one step closer to being out of your parents house. Going to school is not even that bad. Going to school you are considered to to be more successful than others. Some people go to school and some people don't. I know the early mornings and late nights are stressful. But we want to make a lot of money in the future right? So go to school...THE END!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

You Like Teaching Huh ?

Why is it when I come to class you are never on time? Why is it when I raise my hand you don't acknowledge me? Why is it when I send you emails about my grades, assignments, and lectures you don't reply? Why is when I decide I am finally fed and go to the Dean you do nothing but lie? Sometimes I come to school hungry or had a long night....You don't know what I go home to but I doubt you don't care. I thought it was good to go to school? I heard you learn different subjects and meet cool friends. My teacher is suppose to be there to help me and mold me into wonderful person. But how when the teacher don't like their job? How is it when the teacher rather read through power points instead of participating within the class. How is it when he/she is never available and could care less what I go through? That is what I call cold blooded and I ask the school systems to STOP hiring these actors as teachers. I know you don't believe me,but this I know. NEVER forget our kids is all we got, our kids is our f u t u r e.......

Teacher, Back To School, Learning
Frustrated! Why is it that I feel like the more positive in my life I do the more struggles I keeping running into that is frustrating. Went through some behavior struggles through high school,having people tell me I wont graduate I over came that, frustrating. Here comes high school graduation, me not knowing what college I will be permanently attending but had more than enough time to plan frustrating. Not having both of my parents around to fill out and help me with my fafsa paperwork frustrating. Once I finally picked a college to go to and was accepted I was told that I wont have no where to stay on campus because of the full capacity of the dorms frustrating. To be told at the last minute there is one slot open but they need a deposit asap so that I could  be secured, frustrating. Entering  my very first freshman experience I wasted 2 1/2 years at a junior college as a business major so I then transferred to Prairie View A&M University and changed it to education what it should have been in the first place frustrating. But wait here is more for you to be accepted into the university as a transfer you have to have 15 credits or more, I had that but NONE went towards my NEW degree plan so I had to start all over..... now how FRUSTRATING is that? Let me tell you FRUSTRATING! My first year at the university you would think I would have everything handled and understood by now, well the degree plan that was given I was indeed going by but was going by it the wrong way and instead of my advisor actually looking over my degree he/she had to sign they just signed it and kept it moving so I have now taking 3 classes I don't need. Frustrated. So today I am here to tell you although I have gone through a lot with this school crap but I am glad that I have went through such an experience, because once I BECOME a teacher I will try my best to be a hero. Most people I know give up. I want to save the kids before they become F r u s t r a t e d....

Time Heals All Wounds, Consolation